Friday, January 07, 2005

Myths Unscrambled! Aha the Answers!

There are a few things that boggled my mind as a young lass. I just didn't get some things!

First thing: I never knew why some couches were called "Hydabeds". I thought maybe someone named Hyda came up with them. I now know that it is a "Hide-a-Bed". You know? It HIDES A BED!! Genius, isn't it?!

Second thing: The phrase "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach!" I literally thought (for much of my young life) that the stomach organ was actually smaller than the common eyeball. Now I know that it was a mere reference to the pangs of hunger deluding your mind into thinking you could eat tons of grub! Amazing.

Thirdly: I've always had a small bladder. My nickname from many young friends was "Mandi Pee". Yes, indeed, very funny, I know. I remember every time I had to pee really bad around my Dad he'd always ask me if my TEETH WERE FLOATING. I would just look at him weirdly. I didn't understand why my teeth would float because of having to pee. Now I know! The comment means that you have to pee so bad that your urine is ACTUALLY backing up into your mouth so your teeth are floating in your own urine. Now, that's just plain nasty.


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