Sunday, January 16, 2005

Xcema... It's like a rash

Have you ever known anyone who's had or has xcema? It's this rash-like condition that picks a specific part of the body to plague. I have it. It plagues the crook of my elbows and looks like a flesh eating disease. It hurts and is really itchy. If the winter is really dry, I'll get it a bit on my neck and behind my knees. :/ Ouchie wa wa. It's hard to stop scratching at it. It's like a bully that looks up at you and taunts you, "Come on! Scratch me! Scratch me as hard as you can... I can take it!! Bring it on PUNK!" It' not very polite. Sometimes people think it is a huge bruise.
Some people get it on their head... I'm glad I don't get it there. I can cover mine up with long sleeve shirts.


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