Friday, May 06, 2005

TODAY is my birthday!!

So, today is my birthday. I am excited to see my Momma and I think my Papa and step-Momma are coming up too. Exciting! I live in Minnesota and my Dad lives in Texas. So that is kind of big deal that he is up on my birthday. This will make two years in a row that I've seen my Dad on my birthday.
I'm glad my Mom is coming up because she's always dependable for stuff like that. To want to spend the day with you on special days. The only downfall is that she's always at least 15 minutes to an hours late. Ha, tardiness.
Later on tonight I'm going to the Homegrown Musical Festival! I've never been to it even though I've lived up here for almost 4 years!! Geesh! The festival lasts through Sunday. It is held in local establishments. So you have to bounce around to bar after bar. There are 45 bands performing! I'm gonna see Low for sure! And the Blackeyed Snakes.
Visit here: I'm pumped!

Next weekend I'm going to see Mike Doty, lead singer for Soul Coughing, with my brothers and boyfriend and sister'n law in the twin cities! Yippee for musical performances!


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