Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Afterbite, overbite, creature of the night

I went camping/hiking/backpacking this weekend. There were 9 of us staying in a cabin in the Porcupine Mountains. It was really fun. I've never hiked so much in my life. Luckily all of my joints held out just fine. BUT my ankels and feet got totally demolished my mosquitos. I am lusting after the afterbite itch eraser stick. I NEED IT! It's mainly just ammonia. Kind of gross to think about putting amonia all over my feet. Ewie. But it stops the itching. I just want to little red bites to go away. It looks like the chicken pox. My roomie is super nice and is going to pick up some afterbite for me from wal-mart. :/ I hate walmart, but I'm desparate enough. He is alreay going there, so it's by default that they are getting my money.

It was really fun to bond with people this wekend. I don't make friends very easily, so it's nice to feel like a part of a group. I like it. I think I unnoticeably shut people out. I have trust issues and abandonment issues. I guess that happens when you're the youngest and all the older siblings leave the home first... leaving me with my mother who worked nights. Alone alone alone. In the words of Peter Gabriel "I reach out from the inside". I love peter gabriel. "I want to be that complete. In your eyes"

Back on track. So I worked a different shift at my coffee shop job. It was strange. It's really dead in the afternoons. This week is sad because Starbucks opened across the street. So we have to get ourselves out there more and do some GOOD advertising. When I walked past starbucks every seat was filled. :( Grrrrrr! I hate them. They are the Wal-mart of coffee. We've been doing a lot more special things to try and attract people. We have live music during our lunch hour. My big bro Scott might come up and play during it. I'm excited! I love when my friends and family can see my life in action instead of just hear about, but be a part of it. :D Yay!

Nerdism: Thinking that camping stove gas cans are light weight water cans. Oops. Don't worry I didn't drink any gas!!!


At 6:18 PM, Blogger dbdoberman said...

what a great way to spend the holiday weekend, I wish I could have done that, I love being outdoors. Don't love the skitters though, and sorry about your bites.

I'm with you on Walmart and Starbucks. I use to live at Starbucks until I starting noticing how pretentious most of the customers were, everyone trying to look so damn important, instead of just enjoying a cup of coffee. I now go to a little coffee house close to the university, and the kids crack me up. It is way more real.

At 6:36 PM, Blogger traceofblistex said...


At 8:44 PM, Blogger shinta said...

I know how you feel-I don't make friends easily, so whenever there's a chance to get to know people, I take it.

My roommate is a manager at Starbucks AND he collects the mugs from different cities. *sigh*

At 12:11 PM, Blogger traceofblistex said...

Wow, that's hardcore! It must be hard living with someone who is in league with the Devil ;)


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