Monday, January 31, 2005

Why can't my favorite authors come to Duluth?

I don't like living in Duluth. Not very many exciting things happen here. All of the good bands, authors, and any other sort of fantastic artsy fartsy thing happens in the cities. Why won't anyone come up here?
My favorite writer, Douglas Coupland is going to be in the cities this week. I can't go! I have school, probably work too, and my car is a piece of turd goo. :( Tear, tear... cry, cry. If he could only come up here I could manipulate my schedules to run to where ever he is. Everything I want to see or experience is in the cities. But I can't move now. Too close to my degree.
Maybe I can write Douglas Coupland and tell him to come to Duluth, Minnesota. I don't think he'll give a crap, but it may be worth a try.


At 7:25 PM, Blogger aaron b. said...

I think you should for sure write him. You never know, you could become pen pals with Douglas Coupland!

At 4:26 AM, Blogger luke_d said...

Going to see authors is kinda cool, but weird. The only one I've seen is Chuck Palahniuk, with Justin, and it was interesting. The only thing is, I think if I read another of his books, I'd constantly be thinking about his talk at the bookstore, and it might interfere with the reading.

A funny story I heard--my friend Elias went and saw Kurt Vonnegut. While there, Vonnegut went and got a chip and dipped it. Some person, after he walked away, went and got a chip and declared, "I got the next chip after Kurt Vonnegut!" or something like that.

He told me that they all thought the person was a weirdo, but also sorta secretly wished they had gotten the next dip.

If you somehow read this Elias, correct me if I'm remembering wrong.

At 3:47 PM, Blogger fgelias said...

close to the right story. vonnegut did in fact pick up a chip and dip it, but the person in question didn't declare the next chip hers. instead, she took a photo of kurt vonnegut with a dipped chip just a few inches from his mouth.

imagine this photo: k.v. with an open mouth ready to enjoy a tasty chip and dip with my friend brian in the background against the wall with his mouth wide open in disgust at how anyone could be so crude as to want to take a photo of a famous person as he attempts to enjoy a salty snack.


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