Tuesday, February 08, 2005

the NEWS

I find myself not really keeping up with current events. Especially on the war in Iraq. I catch bits and pieces of stories and happenings because I work for the news and I sit through the news three times a day, except for the two days I get off a week. I feel that the network news is so jaded and biased that it does me no good to listen to it. I suppose I could check out the BBC. I think I would obtain more unbiased news to really get a grasp on the atmosphere of current events in the world from them. I just feel so desensitized by seeing so much sensationalized garbage on national television networks, that I don't really believe that it's news. It all seems like a fictional story to me. I believe things that are in newspapers or written forms usually, because there isn't some general video images attached to it that warp how I absorb the data.

I guess I'll start reading the newspaper or online news. Or maybe I won't. I might just remain disillusioned... and somewhat happy.


At 10:42 AM, Blogger luke_d said...

Yeah, its tough to really know what is going on. there is a cool product called "fox blocker" that attaches to tvs with cable, and ELIMINATES Fox News. When people buy it, the company sends messages to 10-20 (can't remember) companies that advertise with Fox. The goal then, is to pressure fox advertisers away from the station. BINGO! I think I'll buy 50.


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