Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A La Dentista

Tomorrow I'm off to the dentist. I broke a small chunk off of one of my back teeth (molars, probably) this weekend. Now I can't stop tonguing the the tooth hole. It reminds me of when I was little and had a loose tooth. It just weeble wobbles in your gums. It was fun to push it back and forth with your tongue. But now I cannot weeble or wobble it because I need that tooth. There are no teeth waiting to push up into its place. What a pity. Why can't I get a second round of new ones?? So, I put my chunck of tooth under my pillow... and the toothfairy did not come! I think the fairies must be on strike... and they haven't trained in the scabs yet. Tragedy.

My dentist's name is Hero DDS. Maybe he'll be dressed like spiderman. One can only hope.
I get to go right to work after my appointment. It might be nice to be numb at work. Hopefully tomorrow will be the only time I have to go. In and out and back to my tip top shape.

Soda + Candy + Coffee = Naughty, Bad, Bad Broken Teeth!


At 11:05 PM, Blogger dbdoberman said...

Ack! The Dentist! At least you will have a Hero helping you. I have Dr. Payne.

Where have all the tooth fairies gone? Gay clubs maybe? Or maybe you are correct, they all belong to a union now.

I hope your visit to Dr. Hero is painless, and it would be cool if he was superman. Would be more fun if he was dressed as Wonder Woman though.


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