Saturday, June 04, 2005


Western Lake Superior Sanitary District--> They take care of our sewers and crap. So, there's an issue with overflows and backups a lot up here in Duluth. Of course, it is not their fault. Shit happens! So now when we drive past 27th Ave on the freeway it smells like my Dad's butthole. It smells like the worst fart ever! It doesn't help that Storenso paper mill is right up the freeway too. For some reason paper mills always smells like flatulence too. Why? Why does the paper making process fart?

FOR THE RECORD: the sewer overflows do not cause the fecal coliform that ends up in the water's edges when they have to close beaches. The fecal coliform come sfrom the seagulls and other animals. That is why you AREN'T supposed to feed the seagulls when you're in Duluth anymore. Tourist's favorite past time!


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