Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Squeeze-cramp-squeeze-cramp-sweaty cauldrons

I'm hot and sweaty. I'm sick of working every second and then doing laundry in hour that I have between jobs. :( I want to start school again now. :D School is fun. I learn things and do things and talk to people I want to talk to. I'm more excited this year than I was for past years. I am quitting both my jobs so I will actually have time to do the things college students are supposed to. I am going to work a work-study job, either be a computer lab consultant or the gender issues/women's studies' office assistant. I am also going to do freelance work for the TV station I work at now. I still get to work on the hockey broadcast crew. Yippee. Should be fun. My classes are a lot different than before. I have ceramics (YAY!!!), Development of Creative Functioning, 2D design, Film & Culture, and a senior projecty thingie.
I have the WHOLE day off tomorrow. I have a dentist's appointment. God bless 'em. I like the flouride treatment. Mmm.... strawberry. I want some of those mouth-shaped foam things to make weird art with.

you know you're a nerd when you are walking with your boyfriend in the KMart parking lot and start speed walking so he can't catch up to you... so you keep looking at him to make sure he's not gaining on you and you trip on a speed bump and plumet to the pavement. ::shakes head::


At 4:34 PM, Blogger Denny Shane said...

lol... omg, how funny!

At 10:06 PM, Blogger animal lover said...

I think you are the only one who is excited to go to the dentist! I HATE THE DENTIST!! They are evil and they work for satan. But good luck on that.


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