Monday, July 25, 2005

Doodling, Scribbilng, Writing, Thinking, Spewing

My writer's group is working on a publication. In addition to the publication we are creatiing a website to go along with it. Here is a link to the preliminary site. Keep in mind that it is STILL in the works! But you all get a sneak preview!

Whoopie! Yay! Hoorah!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Okay... here is the idiom answer to suposedly where it came from!

spick and span

Neat and clean, as in When Ruth has finished cleaning, the whole house is spick and span. This term combines two nouns that are now obsolete, spick, “a nail” or “spike,” and span, “a wooden chip.” In the 1500s a sailing ship was considered spick and span when every spike and chip was brand-new. The transfer to the current sense took place in the mid-1800s.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Racial Cliches and Phrases

So I was thinking about words the other day. There are so many phrases and cliches that are or could be racial slurs! I was vaccuming and afterwards I say to myself, "Wow, that looks so spick and span!" Now that sounds to me like it could be a racial slur. My reasoning is that there tends to be a lot of hispanic maids and housekeepers and such... so there comes the phrase "Spick and Span" to mean REALLY CLEAN! Correct me if I'm wrong.

PLEASE SHARE: any phrases that you think may have racial references.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Urination Station

We would save so much time if we didn't have to pee or poop. But then again sometimes I use having to go to the bathroom to take a little breather from life. I did that a bunch in high school. Whenever I was so bored I thought I was going to implode with boredom I'd just run off to the bathroom to think and relax. But sometimes I really hate having to leave what I'm doing. Especially working in customer service. They don't even really think you are human. "You shouldn't have to pee! I need my thunder cookie and mocha dammit!"

with that I shall leave you to go to my porcelain oasis... But also my porcelain hell.

Friday, July 08, 2005


So, every once in a while I feel like being a music glutten. I actually bought THREE cds today at full price even!!! Holy SMOKES! Usually I glutten up at the pawn shop, but I indulged in the electric fetus after work today. It's only 4 blocks down from my coffee shop job.
So here are my finds:
*Anna Nalick-Wreck of the Day
*Rilo Kiley-Take Offs and Landings
*Southern Culture on the Skids-Mojo Box

i'm happy now!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Afterbite, overbite, creature of the night

I went camping/hiking/backpacking this weekend. There were 9 of us staying in a cabin in the Porcupine Mountains. It was really fun. I've never hiked so much in my life. Luckily all of my joints held out just fine. BUT my ankels and feet got totally demolished my mosquitos. I am lusting after the afterbite itch eraser stick. I NEED IT! It's mainly just ammonia. Kind of gross to think about putting amonia all over my feet. Ewie. But it stops the itching. I just want to little red bites to go away. It looks like the chicken pox. My roomie is super nice and is going to pick up some afterbite for me from wal-mart. :/ I hate walmart, but I'm desparate enough. He is alreay going there, so it's by default that they are getting my money.

It was really fun to bond with people this wekend. I don't make friends very easily, so it's nice to feel like a part of a group. I like it. I think I unnoticeably shut people out. I have trust issues and abandonment issues. I guess that happens when you're the youngest and all the older siblings leave the home first... leaving me with my mother who worked nights. Alone alone alone. In the words of Peter Gabriel "I reach out from the inside". I love peter gabriel. "I want to be that complete. In your eyes"

Back on track. So I worked a different shift at my coffee shop job. It was strange. It's really dead in the afternoons. This week is sad because Starbucks opened across the street. So we have to get ourselves out there more and do some GOOD advertising. When I walked past starbucks every seat was filled. :( Grrrrrr! I hate them. They are the Wal-mart of coffee. We've been doing a lot more special things to try and attract people. We have live music during our lunch hour. My big bro Scott might come up and play during it. I'm excited! I love when my friends and family can see my life in action instead of just hear about, but be a part of it. :D Yay!

Nerdism: Thinking that camping stove gas cans are light weight water cans. Oops. Don't worry I didn't drink any gas!!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Greasy Hair and Creeping Heat

I just got back from my little vacation in the Porcupine Mountains in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. That was the first time I ever backpacked. It was good times. I got to know people that I sorta knew even better. I don't really make friends easily so it was a nice to feel like I was a part of something. I got some neat photos from the trail. I got a great close up of a froggy who posed very eloquently for me. A giant deer ran across the hiking path and I almost got demolished. "Mandi got ran over by a reindeer"(minus the rein)

2-day weekends aren't long enough. And this weekend I discovered that neither are 3-day weekends. I guess mine isn't really a 3-day weekend because I have to go to work in an hour and a half at one of my jobs, but I didn't have to get up at 6 a.m. this morning to go to the coffee shop job. Tomorrow I work the later shift there so I get to sleep in for once during the week!!!! How extremely exciting!!!

I also discovered this weekend that Little Caesar's do exist still. We ate at one in Ashland, Wisconsin today. :D Mmmm.....

I indeed completed my writer's group contract to finish and polish my story titled "Red". I'm happy with it. It's pretty sarcastic, pervie, and written in an active voice. I intend for it to be printed in our writer's group's first publication coming out at the end of this summer I hope!! We are still trying to pick out a title. We are also hoping to build a little corresponding website. I'm happy that I don't get punished by breaking my contract. Yippeee! No donating plasma for me.